Our passion for sports and technology has ignited a finely orchestrated service to deliver, as pioneers, The Evolution of Replays. An affinity to inspire sportsman to make more of the games they love, by delivering advanced and world-class technology to the sporting fraternity. An infrastructure which is utilized by world renowned football Clubs such as Inter Milan, Liverpool and Roma.

Established in 2016, a team of talented developers together with strong leadership, ensuring invaluable service to any club or venue in South Africa and the rest of the world. Whilst loving the product as it is, we are always developing new features to enhance the action replay experience.

As a player, this is a great opportunity to review your games and analyze the team’s performance by simply registering to gain access to your very own videos.

Business Services

Video Content

Evreplay is the perfect tool for sports clubs of all shapes and sizes. Share video replays, create highlights packages, build an audience and attract new members. All our systems can be used across different sports.

Automated Marketing Machine

As your content gets promoted and shared this allows your facility to connect with a sporting community who shares their experiences at your venue. This gives you an opportunity to increase traffic to both your venue and website. When the need arises, you become the go-to business to provide a sporting experience of a lifetime.

Digital Marketing

Groups of potential customers found online are much larger than what you are likely to attract traditionally. Utilizing digital marketing, you can reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable.


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